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Urban sanitation integrated solution provider

Henan Senyuan Heavy Industry Co。, Ltd。 is a leading enterprise in the automotive sector of the top 500 Chinese enterprises, Henan Senyuan Group。 Senyuan Heavy Industry has been deeply engaged in the field of sanitation for many years, and has vigorously developed intelligent manufacturing。 It has formed four core series of intelligent sanitation equipment systems, such as road cleaning, watering and cleaning, garbage collection and transshipment, and new energy sanitation。 The product technology is synchronized with Europe and the United States, leading domestic products。 More than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country have achieved full domestic coverage。


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Sanitation integration service model to meet your one-stop needs!

Intelligent sanitation equipment + smart sanitation management platform + sanitation market operation

From smart manufacturing to smart products, from smart products to smart platforms, from smart platforms to market-oriented services。。。

Moriyuan Heavy Industry is not selling cars! —— It is also for the sanitation management unit to export, including intelligent sanitation vehicles, smart sanitation management platform, five-star new after-sales service, financial services including financial leasing/PPP cooperation, urban and rural sanitation market operation services, etc. A new set of sanitation management new ideas, new programs, new models!

Senyuan Heavy Industry Environmental Sanitation Integrated Solution, quickly solve your one-stop demand for sanitation! Leading the new model of urban sanitation development!

Zhigaoyuan, lead excellence! Every climb of Senyuan Heavy Industry in the sanitation industry is to serve customers better, all for service!

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